Saudi woman drives Formula1 car to mark an end of ban What's Happening Now!

Aseel al Hamad made a breakthrough as she drove a formula one car ahead of french grand prix. On the day, the women ended the ban by driving cars on the roads of Arabia.  She drove a 2012 Renault car of french manufacturer’s vehicle to give a welcoming gesture to the return of car racing after 10 years. Aseel al Hamad is the first woman who is a member of Saudi Motorsport Federation. 

 “I believe today is not just celebrating the new era of women starting to drive, it’s also the birth of women in motor sport in Saudi Arabia,” Hamad told a magazine.

The ban was lifted by King Salman last September. Women in Saudi Arabia took the roads on Saturday midnight, after many years of repression on women in Saudi Arabia.  She also stated to another publication, “I hope doing so on the day when women can drive on the roads in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia shows what you can do if you have the passion and spirit to dream.” 

 She is an interior designer and businesswoman in France, she wasn’t subjected to ban but she wishes for women empowerment in Saudi Arabia.