Save Pakistan before it is too late! What's Happening Now!

The scorching heat and suffocating weather these days should be enough to bring to one’s attention that WE ARE SCREWED. Big time. Our cities, turning into concrete jungles with the insane amount of pollution have not only made the air we breathe hazardous but the heat unbearable.

The air conditioners that we love to take refuge of are the major reason of increased  pollution in the environment as they release poisonous gases. These gases include the chlorofluorocarbons and hydro-chlorofluorocarbons which have a negative impact on the environment as they are part of the greenhouse gases that trap heat and lead to depletion of the ozone layer. The problem is that the hotter our environment gets, the more reliant we become on air conditioning systems.

However, there is something we CAN do to limit it to an extent. Something so simple as ABC if only we make our minds to it and stop being lazy for 10 minutes tops.

There has been a message circulating the web and something i have been getting bombarded with on WhatsApp which we should get to ASAP, and i quote:

Kindly plant any of the following trees at your house/parks/roads etc, it will cost less than Rs 100. Our country is highly affected by environmental changes, resulting in abnormally hot weather, heat waves and reduction in rain. 

Below are some environment friendly trees and do not require any additional care and also are not expensive. Request your family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, relatives and your children to plant trees as much as you can.


If every Pakistani plants one tree we can plant 20 CORORE TREE PER YEAR.
Below are local name of trees.
1) Gulmohar
2) Neem
3) Amaltas
4) Lignum/Rohida
5) Peepal
6) Alastonia
So please let’s be responsible citizens and play our part. Not just for us, but for generations to come.
Forward it to others. #LetsPlantATree