10 Things Girls With Short Height Are Tired Of Hearing!!! Blog Buffet

Being 5’1 or less in our society is a big deal for us but for the AUNTIES in our society. Everytime  your height is one of the HOTTEST topic of their conversation. Whenever they meet you they never forget to remind you HOW SHORT YOUR HEIGHT IS? Thank you, but short girls are tired of hearing these phrases, so can you please not say these things all the time? Please?!

1: “Beta, Konsi class main ho?”

      “Dramatic eye roll”


2: “Tum toh goud mai poori ajao gi”

Getting to always sit in someones lap when travelling in a crowded car is TIRING!


3: Everybody has a different nickname for you. 

     New meet up, a new nickname such as TIDDI, CHOTU, GITHI


4: “Aww you’re looking so cute”

NO, not really. I don’t want to hear this while wearing a HOT designer dress


5: “You’re so lucky you can wear heels all the time!”.

     Well, that’s true but we don’t want to wear heels all the time.


6: ‘‘Wait, do your feet NOT touch the ground when you sit on this chair? LOL!’

    Wait, does your brain NOT process just how inappropriate this comment is? Not LOL!


7: “Oh! You make me feel so tall”

    That’s awesome. Probably that’s why I was sent on this planet.


8: “You’ll be Happy, You’ll look this young, when you’re old”

Yes, because my wrinkles with say, ‘Oh! You’re short we should come later” UGH! Illogical.


9: “Pareshan na ho, there’re guys who like short heighted girl”

tenor (1)

10: “How’s the weather down there”

      No, PLEASE DON’T

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Nudrat Iqhlaq

Nudrat Ikhlaq
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