Simply Sufi Xprs, making a difference in Lahore Featured Fav

Sufi has been a household brand for number of decades with their first appearance on the retail as soap manufacturing company. Later the brand ventured into cooking oil and the journey carried on. Sufi kept growing while selling quality products into the market.


SimplySufi was next in line for the group to introduce frozen chicken products. By the time Sufi started selling frozen chicken, the market already had leading brands. The progression of SimplySufi was exuberant from simple frozen chicken to ready to cook and then to recent entrant in fried chicken market SimplySufi Xprs. The first 2 outlets in Lahore are situated at Packages Mall and the second at Emporium Mall. Lahore has its fair share or Fried Chicken brands from world renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to very local and Lahori Haji Fried Chicken (HFC) and yes, few other foreign franchises too.

For what Kluchit has experience at Simply Sufi Xprs, is nothing less than amazing food. To be honest, the team was bit reluctant as the product Fried Chicken is way far over and having it from a local brand never seemed to be an attractive proposition. Guess what, we were wrong. Simply Sufi Xprs surprised us at large. One thing that any good fried chicken must have is Fried Chicken and the only good fried chicken has juicy meat inside with crispy outside. We ordered Xrps Fried Chicken, nothing tells you story like a fried chicken. The crispy outside had that slightly darkish tone rather pale golden brown. The outside had a nice crisp in a bite and the meat was juicy inside. Nothing beats that mix textured of crackling skin with juicy tender meat. Then we ordered Xprs Spicy Chicken burger and Xprs Grilled Chicken burger. Overall, both burgers were quite above average and very much competitive against other brands in market. We suggested the brand to add value to their burgers and they assured it will be considered.

Simply Sufi Xprs is a local brand and is making good mark with their quality products. They have complete chain of the finished product, from oil to chicken. Now all they have to do is expand their business and keep the quality product at par of what standard they have already set. SimplySufi also need to do research into how they can further escalate their product