Stephen King’s IT – MMFF Movie Screening What's Happening Now!

Stephen King’s IT hit cinema all over Pakistan with an high anticipation of horror thrill for our local audience. Slight disappointment for fans of Stephen King’s novel were expecting a far larger experience than the book. A mere clown and red balloon could not deliver that fearing chill down the spine of movie audience. The overall movie could be rated as slightly gore than horror.

Horror movie was never a genre I ever preferred to watch in cinema, let alone at home. But when your good old buddy Razza Munir from MMFF asks you to join in, there is no way to say No to him. On top of that, ever so amazing Sarah Gandapur assured me that the movie is going to be fun. Movie screening was done at newly inaugurated Universal Cinema at Emporium Mall, Johar Town.

The idea was to experience the newly built cinema while watching Stephen King’s IT movie. Relaxing chairs and massively high tech surround system. I could actually fee the sound moving through the cinema, in-sync with whatever the scene is happening on the screen. Chairs were comfy with ample leg space. Overall a sigh of relief for those who have been through with present bigger chain of cinema in the market. A must visit for those who have not yet experienced the place.

As for the people who were there at the movie screening, it seemed like Razza Munir (MMFF) along with Syed Abbas gathered who so who of this growing industry. Sarah Gandapur from ILS magazine was

While the audience had so many of our friends but few of foes too (just kidding) but then how would I be able to let the reader know how big was the gathering in terms of scale if I do not mention people like Hira Asim (Mosh Diaries) Mishalle Hira (Dext Events & PR) Waqas Aslam (Youniverse PR) Annie Chaudhry (FucshiaMagic) Faryal (thepopblogsays) Sharoz Tariq (Cartel PR) the lovely couple Faisal and Khadija and forever boy Sameer (EBuzz). And then Noor & Tayyaba Rana were there too, us 3 have one thing in common, Politics. Hassan Abbass from Depilex, Murrad Rahim and last but no way she is least then anyone Saneela. BTW…I love what you did with your hair girl! Amazing!

Hey if I have not taken your name, it does not mean I do not love you…I love you all!

On closing, we were hosted by 2 food brands; Flatbreads Pizza and Bukhshu. For obvious reason my choice was Flatbreads Pizza and kept Bukhshu for later thorough review. It was good to have a brand making pizza as per your preference, very limited personal-ization option. I ordered Flatbreads Special Pizza. A hearty serving of both Chicken and beef meat options with loads of jalapenos and olives. A must try for once to experience this quick fix pizza. Downside, they can and must shift to fresh tomatoes base rather canned tomatoes. I could not try Bukshu but pretty soon I will try them out too.


Contributed by Jehanzeb A Khan who’s alternative ego is that of  The Bearded Chef. He loves cooking and cigars and has a jazzy wit!