Strokes of eyeliner? We love them! Beauty / Fashion

Apart from the super hot croissant buns, another thing which caught our eyes at the Chanel haute couture show were those perfect strokes of eyeliners! Chanel, yet again, proved that anything can be pulled off if it’s done in the right way!

The whole thing they actually did with the eyes was absolutely mesmerizing. Wanna know the details?? Scroll on!!

Rather than a full cat eye from the start of the eye, they just started it from the middle and winged it in an exaggerated cat eye way with the addition of one black stroke over the eyelid and another below the lash line in a very dramatic way, giving the eye a very attention seeking touch and directing minds towards it. This look is all about making a scene and showing off your individuality. Makeup is and always will be the way a woman paints on her own skin, using the face as a canvas.

The eyes give a very mod look twisted with beautiful strokes. It’s all about framing the shape your eyes are in and exaggerating it with graphic liner shapes. This new stroke of eyeliner kinda resembles Cleopatra’s way of applying it, too dramatic yet too sexy. Here are some easy steps to replicate Chanel’s way of applying the eyeliner:


  • Take a pen eyeliner or a gel liner
  • An applicator which will give you a clean and thin swipe in one go
  • Draw two long curvy swipes following the shape of your eye


So, are you ready to add drama to your face??

Contributed by: Maryam Asfandyar.

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