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There is absolutely nothing like a restaurant serving steaming, hot dishes full of spices and aromas replicating the domestic goodness of the Pakistani households. BBQ Tonite is the patron of our native cuisine and visiting it undoubtedly revived our love for desi food.

Located on the Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road in Gulberg, BBQ Tonite is a lively restaurant engaged in a flurry of activity, air diffused with delicious, homely scents, boisterous laughter and juicy gossip. With a seating capacity of around four hundred people, what else is one to expect? If however, you are one of those who find it difficult to sit in stuffy areas, do reconsider but remember; it’s still worth visiting!

As we walked towards the entrance, though not as grand as the building itself, the majestic grill at the left was the first to catch our eye! Live barbequing? Who doesn’t want to watch that! We were mesmerized, right along with the throng of other customers who spent a few minutes reverently gazing at the experts flip the various different meats lining the grill

As is with every other restaurant, BBQ Tonite places great emphasis on food quality however, it is essential to point out that we were sold the minute we encountered the staff! Well trained and giving customer care the utmost importance,  BBQ Tonite’s service staff seemed to remember that courtesy costs nothing, something not every restaurant is able to offer. Moreover, the fact that they were dressed up in an immaculate manner adds to their praise.

Once seated, we ordered the Chef’s special dishes; Qeemay Waala Naan, Chicken Achari Boti and Chicken Reshmi Kebab. The Qeemay Waala Naan was crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside, with just a hint of spice to rev it up. It was served with mint and yoghurt sauce, the cool temperature of which was perfectly in sync with the warmth of the Naan. It was a pleasure to note that there was absolutely no bad aftertaste. Both Chicken Achari Boti and Chicken Reshmi Kebab had subtle tastes, were moist and juicy with beautiful colors.

The Kluchit Score Sheet:

  • Ambience                             4 stars
  • Service                                  5 stars
  • Cleanliness                           4 stars
  • Food quality                         4 stars
  • Value For Money                 5 stars

Contributed by Syeda Tehniat Hashmi, a student of Journalism and an avid foodie. She blogs at and tweets at @syedatehniat.

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