The Hashery: just another brick in the wall or something more? Featured Fav

It’s that time of the year again when new places are opening up around the city and we knew we just HAD TO to check this place out. It had been creating quite a stir on social media so we couldn’t help ourselves and dropped a visit just a few days after its opening. This new beauty is Cafe Hashery on M. M Alam road; previously occupied by Cafe Page 102, which closed down and it has now been converted into a new cafe. A long flight of stairs welcomed us, lit by vintage bulbs, giving the entrance a nostalgic feel. Once we were inside, the decor was more or less the same as Cafe Page 102, although a few changes had been made. The wallpaper was the same, but the book shaped tables had been painted brown. The books which were hanging from the ceiling were replaced with bright, vintage bulbs. However, you can still see a few books lying around. It had a slightly laid back but welcoming ambiance, which looked casual yet classy. The quirky decor highlighted by vintage bulbs hanging from the ceiling gives the place a ‘hip’ feel.


Moving on to the food, we were served their ‘bestsellers’ for the main course and dessert.

The mixed grill platter came first. The meat was marinated and grilled to perfection. It was flavorful, juicy and tender. Not only that, the presentation was excellent as well.


Next we had the Chicken with cashew nuts. Personally, I like my Thai food a bit on the spicy side, and this particular entrée wasn’t up my alley. The presentation looked okay, but the taste needs some extra oomph. At the end of the day, it is a matter of preference, people who tend to go for mildly spicy food may like it.


The Marco Polo came next, and it was a treat to look at. The presentation was flawless, and the chicken itself was delectable too. The spinach and cheese filling was good, and the chicken was fried to perfection. The olive dip that accompanied the dish had just the right amount of spice and tanginess. All in all, the Marco Polo chicken was pretty fulfilling.


Lastly, it was time for the dessert. The molten lava cake was exactly what I expected. Pure gooey and chocolatey goodness. The two scoops of vanilla ice cream complimented the warmth and sweetness of the cake, which is an experience in itself. You can never go wrong with a molten lava cake, most of the time, at least.


The courtesy of the staff and their customer service takes the cake. The staff is very welcoming and courteous, and the cafe is managed by the owner himself, who happens to be very amiable and easy going. Despite being a startup, they’re doing a great job running the place and they seem to have built up a relatively large fan base already. Overall, our experience at Cafe Hashery was great and their food, customer service and ambiance were all on point.


Kluchit Staff
Ameera Mehmood