The Pakistani Martha Stewart is savage AF and we love it! What's Trendin

The Pakistani Martha Stewart is the most trending and badass Instagram account run by Saher who is a feminist. She believes in equality for women and does that by portraying the social issues almost every woman has to face in our typical Pakistani society. Physician by profession, Saher’s art does not  portray boring images with long texts but in fact interesting colourful brides who have taken up the ‘thug’ outlook along with really catchy captions. She makes sure the message she is conveying gets through to her readers.
Saher is not only conveying her message in an attractive, convincing way but also making money through it. Be it a phone case, t-shirts, badges or beanie caps, her illustrations are loved by all and the stuff is ordered in large numbers. Her articles are so good and the idea is loved by a large number of people that a facebook based page by the name of “Custom Freaks” are actually stealing them in hopes to start their own business. Little do they know she ain’t the kind of girl to mess with.
Good job! More power to you girl! *thumbs up*


Kluchit Staff
Raazia Razi