You NEED to visit these themed cafes in Pakistan! Mashup

People are actually going crazy over these themed cafes initiation in Pakistan and however this fanaticism has given a new aspect to hoteling. Fans who wanted to be part of their favorite T.V shows could ordeal personally what they see on-screen.

Since this concept is still blossoming, we do not have a very long list of themed cafes in Pakistan.

Hogwarts Cafe:

I have been a fan of harry potter since forever so this one is my personal favorites and I guess when the news first came for its initiation, all the Potter Heads must have gone par excited about it.

The café is in Islamabad near Bahria Town and is a heavenly place for potter heads designed keeping in mind all the charms of the series. The entrance has a Hogwarts monogram and Harry’s trolley with Hedwig’s cage in it (the one harry smashed on platform 9 ¾). People also stick notes regarding their messages or experience beside the entrance door

The menu is written with white chalks on small blackboards in an area maintained as Hogwarts laboratory. It has regular food placed under the Harry Potter inspired names such as Slytherin Snakebite, Godrick’s Hollow Burger, Raven claw’s Rapture etc.

Harrypotter’s customized pendants and mugs are also sold there.

There are also cloaks and sorting hat for fans to take pictures. Sitting place has a Nimbus 2000 hung on the wall. On top of it, their beef burger is a must-eat. Overall it is a magical place, so POTTER HEADS you have got to visit this café!!!

Friends Cafe:

The most old and loved T.V show with today’s humor has now its café opened in Johar Town Lahore. The area is kept pretty much identical to Central Perk, which was the coffee house often visited by all the six protagonists of the show.

The name of the café is written in signature font “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” of the show which gives fans starting feels of the show.

The café also has framed pictures of Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Monica all over the walls and the particular orange sofa that they always sat on in the show.

A card board statue of all the six friends holding hands is the best part.

The food is scrumptious too. Their lava cake is famous (served with double ice-cream scoop) and coffee too (since the friends discussed, laughed and cried on all issues sipping coffee). So fans if you have not visited this place, let me tell you HAVE NOT LIVED!!

Peshawar also has a cafe with the name Central Perk following the same theme.

Cafe Thrones: 

Based on the most obsessed-over show of the 20th century “Game of Thrones”. It would be quite surprising if they did not open its café. It is in Johar Town Lahore. The first interesting thing is that I loved their call/tag line “EVERYONE MUST DINE”. It seems like a worthy order from a king.

People are not elated with the interior and the decors because they really didn’t put some iron thrones in there (as everyone was hoping). But it has still some king’s antiques on the display and the theme music (I TOTALLY love it!!!!) is always on.

They also have this amazing antique crockery that would make fans feel dining inside a king’s place. The food as, as the people reviewed, is top notch with variety of flavors and multiple cuisines. I hope that they put some interesting names on their menu e.g Morghulis and Dohaeris (fans can relate).

However, another G.O.T cafe named King’s Landing opened up in Islamabad, Bahria Town which is heard to be much much much better than the one in Lahore.

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Staff Contributor
Hafsa Daud