These fondant free cakes by Abdul’s Patisserie are perfect for your wedding day! Featured Fav

If you’re totally over the fondant trend this one’s for you. Because let’s be honest, have we not had enough fondant already? Sure it looks good and can be moulded into anything and everything possible but there are soooo many other options. Especially if you’re into naked floral cakes.

We became a fan of Abdul’s cakes when we ordered one for a birthday. We aren’t sugarcoating our words but his cake tasted DIVINE! Not to forget, it was too pretty to cut! See for yourself:

Don’t they just scream wedding?!

This one is perfect for a bridal shower. So elegant!


That drip though!

Wouldn’t this be so beautifully appropriate for all you classy mehndi/mayon brides?

Let us remind you that that these cakes are fondant free.

And we’ve been trasported into a world of rainbows and unicorns.

and last but not the least, how perfect would this be for a pink themed bridal shower?!?!?!