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Recently, our team carried out a survey What’s the silliest and weirdest thing you believed as a kid? And here’s what we got to know from everyone. Enjoy the funniest things we all must have believed as a kid and pretty little lies by our parents… Chota Mota Jhoot Chalta Hai!!

Nange pa’on chalne se pa’on Hathi jitne barre ho jae’in gy

I can bet everyone’s mom must’ve said it once in a lifetime… Takke unko humare gande pa’on na dhonde parre xD


I believed that if I ate an apple seed a tree will grow inside me.


When it rained heavily I believed Allah has opened his shower to give world a bath.


Jhoot bolne se rang kala ho jata hai..

Not being racist, a guy told us and we couldn’t stop laughing.

Tangain Maat hilao, shaitan ki tasbeeh hoti hai… lol!

Who made this up?


I believed that the actor died in the movie was actually dead…
Ek point per mjhe bhi lagta tha tbh…xD

Point 6

If your hands get wrinkles after swimming for too long, you were turning into an old person.
So truuuue


Raat k time darkht k neeche nahi jate jin aa jata hai..LMAO

Jin aur Churail’on ki baatain krne se wo aa jate hain…
 Ded Bhaggooooo

point 8

I used to think that Elemenopee was one word instead of L-M-N-O-P

point 9

Maghrib k baad perfume nahi lagte jin peeche lag jate hain

 Hahahahahahaa Jin na ho johnny bravo ho gya

point 11

I  believed that replying to Dora was actually helping her and proving that how dumb she was….xD

It turned out Dora pagal nahi thi hum thy yar

Point 10

Nudrat Iqhlaq

Kluchit Staff
Nudrat Ikhlaq