Things everyone wants to wear, but when we see someone else wearing them, we turn into Judgy-Judy What's Trendin

We all have a love-hate relationship with these fashion trends. We’d love to try them, and we envy anyone who does, but alas, society gets in the way. Here are a few trends you could go for if you want your moral character blown to smithereens.

Off Shoulder Tops

We love browsing these tops on the Forever 21 and H&M websites, and we love staring at them with longing for hours on end. However, if and when we see someone wearing one, we’re all, “Tauba, itni si bhi sharam nahi hai. The least she could do is cover up her shoulders.” Hypocrisy much? I think we’re trying to translate our envy into close-mindedness. I saw a query posted on this very popular beauty group by this girl regarding Off Shoulder tops. Instead of telling her where she could find them, people started questioning her morality and giving her all sorts of unsolicited advice. Um, Hello!! She’s an adult and allowed to make her own choices. The situation got out of hand and the admin of the group was forced to delete all the comments bashing the poor girl over a harmless query. You’d expect women to be supportive of other women’s choices, given that we all have to suffer from similar issues, but ‘girl power’ and ‘sisterhood’ are myths, apparently.


Shorts/Capri Pants

Hold up, I’m not talking about booty shorts. I’m talking about normal, knee length shorts. I really don’t understand the stigma surrounding women’s legs. They’re. Just. Legs. Not the devil’s pitchforks. Nor are they weapons of mass seduction. We all want to wear them, given the oppressive heat in the summers, but I haven’t seen anyone from the general public stepping up to the challenge yet. Forget cropped pants or knee length shorts, even if you’re wearing a short jumpsuit with tights, you’re basically asking for your morality and character to be ripped to shreds by people you don’t even know. However, deep down inside, we all wish we were that girl; frolicking freely in the breeze in her shorts, leg hair and all.


Crop Tops

So apparently it’s okay to show a little skin in a Sari or a Lehenga, but crop tops? Haraam. It’s almost ironic how crops tops and Sari blouses are more or less the same size, and yet crop tops get all the hate and judgmental stares. If your justification is,“Saris and Lehengas are usually worn at Shaadis, jahan sare apne hote hain,” Please allow me to burst your bubble, sweetheart. Shaadis are crawling with just as many perverts as any other place, you only have to look around you to see one pervy cousin or another tharki uncle staring at you. Just because you wear them at weddings only doesn’t make you any more noble than the rest of us. Again, if we can get away with wearing short blouses, we shouldn’t be judged for wearing crop tops.



This may seem a bit trivial to some, but for most of us, wearing sleeveless tops is still a huge deal. Wearing a sleeveless anything is such a bone of contention in our society, so much so that women sometimes have ‘half’ sleeves under sheer sleeves. Your arms are still mostly visible, and that little piece of cloth covering part of your shoulder and upper arm is not going to save your modesty. You just end up looking like a non-committal hypocrite with no fashion sense. Go big or go home. Another thing that’s really annoying is that sheer sleeves are acceptable, although your arms are still entirely visible, while no sleeves are not.



Whether you covet a long, flowy maxi dress or a short, flared skater dress, you know you won’t be able to wear it, lest ye be sent West due to your ‘shameful’ attire. By sent West I mean judged to death, being talked about behind your back, and stared at by men and women alike, all while having your moral character assassinated. Let’s be reasonable here, dresses resemble shirts, in a way, and I really don’t understand the controversy that surrounds them. Hell, I’m not even talking about dresses that show off your bare, sinful legs, you can even wear a longer one, or a shorter one with tights, and everyone still loses their minds.


The various social stigmas associated with different types of clothes can bring on a rather nasty case of the mindf*uck, but you’ll get the hang of them once you’ve lived here long enough. Really, though, you can’t win either way, since candy is an inanimate object that is incapable of feeling anything. Well, because it’s candy.



Kluchit Staff
Ameera Mehmood