Things to do this Independence Day that do not include flags and badges What's Happening Now!

14th August is just around the corner which means it’s time to light our patriotism on fire. August 14th, 1947 was the day when Pakistan came into being. Our motherland was freed from the shackles of British Raj and India, all thanks to the Father of our nation; Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. 14th August has basically become like Eid, the day where all Pakistanis get together to cherish their freedom. Lekin ab mulq k halaat bohot kharab hai, now is the time our country needs us the most which means decorating the streets with Jhandiyas and putting Pakistani badges on our shirts is just not enough.

Here are a few things that you can do this 14th august that’ll benefit our country:

Planting Trees around the country


Pakistan has a total population of 200,813,818. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? While that number sinks in, don’t you think that it is our sole responsibility to improve our country’s situation? Darakht lagao, in the end humay he fiada ho raha hai or kisi ko nai ho raha. 

Picking up trash


This might seem like the world’s hardest task to do, but we’re the ones who spread TRASH and GARBAGE in the first place. In the name of our country, lets get out and pick up that litter and make our country stunning again.

Setting up food drives


A little bit of community work wont hurt anybody, am I right? I mean instead of putting up flags which I’m not saying you shouldn’t, but let’s do something that benefits the people that make up this country. Ghareebon ki madad karo, or sawab kamao, also mulk ki bhe madad karo.

Going to old homes


Old people need our help too. But most of all, they need our time. Junoon tou sab me hota hai 14th august celebrate karnay ka lekin kam log he hain jo isska sahi istemaal kartay hain.

Painting the streets


Some of the schools carry out projects to paint the streets of their cities to retrieve the chupi huii khoobsurati of their streets. We, as Adults should do the same. This will not only benefit the appearance of Pakistan but also attract other people to visit as well. Ye bhe Naya pakistan bananay me help karay ga, trust me.

 Raising awareness


In this modern era, raising awareness has been made so easy yet only a few take advantage of it. Social media is not just for posting cute selfies and sharing memes with the world, instead it can be used to spread word about the history, current conditions and setting a platform.

Visiting Quaid’s tomb


In all genuineness, out of the goodness of your heart. Visit his tomb and appreciate his efforts to create this country for us.

 Iss Chauda August, Dare to be different. Koii aesa kaam karo, that’ll make you proud of being a Pakistani.

Lalarukh Khan
Betcha can’t stop at one!