Things Pakistani vegetarians have to put up with Mashup

Being a vegetarian in Pakistan is probably the most difficult thing to be. With Masla Botis and Paye everywhere, a Pakistani Vegetarian should get a medal of honor!

This is what vegetarians have to go through:

1- People assuming that you’re missing out on life and are sad

Perhaps these people forget that not eating meat is a choice we make.There is nothing stopping us from not eating meat, except the fact that we don’t want to do it. Besides, there are plenty of delicious vegetarian dishes.


2- Being confused for an animal lover

Many vegetarians do love animals cause let’s face it, who doesn’t. However, that doesn’t mean that is the only reason why they are vegetarian. Vegetarians are less likely to die from heart disease, they live longer than meat eaters and often it is the healthier choice.

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3- Finding a polite way to decline meat

Having to deal with family and friends who work hard to make that wonderful dish, which happens to have meat in it is a very awkward situation to be in. The thing is, they know that we have been vegetarians for a long time and that it’s not going to change.


4- People who get mad about you being a vegetarian

“How is it possible not to eat meat?”, the amount of time vegetarians hear this questions is mind-blowing. Well, we have been vegetarians for a long time now and we are still breathing, so it is not impossible. Just because you can’t live without meat, doesn’t mean everyone else can’t too.

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5- Accused of being pretentious

Vegetarians are tired of having to apologize to everyone for not eating meat so that people don’t think of them as arrogant. Wonder if everyone who ate meat had to do that. We are just trying to live our lives, give us a break.

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6- Being tricked into eating meat

Imagine if you were tricked into doing something you did not want to do. How would you feel? Just don’t do this, ever.

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7- When People share their experience of being a vegetarian for a day

The worst part is when they tell about deciding to be vegetarian one morning, waking up and eating a salad and when they heard about something with meat being cooked for dinner they decided to give up. Looks like you just had salad once for breakfast.

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Kluchit Staff
Maryam Khurram