This Is How Howdy Is Cheating On You! Food / Kluchit Says

As girls often say after a break up, “all men are the same…cheaters!” we can say the same for restaurants. Unfortunately, the much famous Howdy fits into the same category as that of cheaters. No, I’m not being melodramatic but if I order a Jalapeno burger, I’d expect them to be spread all over the burger so every bite is flavorful. That’s the reason I went for Rango Tango, the one with jalapenos. But Howdy plays smart every time and lines a few of them in the middle; divides the burger in half for that nice presentation and Voila……their picture perfect burger is ready. Little do we know that we are being cheated on as the jalapenos are only there for visual pleasure.

Not only in one, but the scenario was the same in all the Rango Tango burgers we ordered.

I guess it’s too much to expect a restaurant to be loyal to its customers *sniff sniff*.

This-Is How-Howdy-Cheats-On-You-3

As for Howdy, I’m definitely breaking up with it. So long cowboys!

This-Is How-Howdy-Cheats-On-You-plp


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