This is what went down at Magnum Masterclass Kluchit Says

Who doesn’t love chocolate? We know we do. Lotus PR and Magnum gave us the opportunity to attend a Master Class by Khadija Shafqat of Dessert Directory on 10th January 2016. Held in the Magnum Store, the class had its ups and downs. The session which had to go on from 5 pm to 8 pm started at 6 pm and ended at 7 pm. After a lot of delay the event finally started with only a handful of people present for the class, a lot of whom left early while the class was in progress. Shafqat taught different techniques such as chocolate tempering and plating 4 ways ,using Magnum Ice cream with other elements. The plating was top notch and worth attending the class for. The only drawback was that most of the elements/ingredients used are not available in Pakistan. Still, there was a lot to learn from the whole session. All the participants got awarded with a certificate, magnum mug and a t-shirt.

Team Kluchit