This student from Lahore is trying to save the Walled City and we are proud of it. Travel

The Walled City of Lahore is one of the most iconic features of Lahore as it carries a rich history and an amazing cultural value. It has been a tourist attraction since forever and more so after the Mughal Dynasty left rule. However it has been in the News for the wrong reasons mostly. Aging structures and ignored habitats have made up a worrisome situation for the people who love Lahore and the Walled City.

However, Sijal Raza, a student of MS PR and Advertising at the Beaconhouse National University has set out to change things and she has started to turn a few heads in the city already. She has launched a massive PR Campaign to raise awareness about the preservation and importance of Walled City of Lahore. The posters are not just eye catchy they have a very emotional touch to it which you will relate to instantly. Here is a collage of the posters made for the campaign.

Contributed By : Sijal Raza