Top Destinations for Summer Travel in Pakistan Travel

Recently, Pakistan topped British Backpacker Society’s list of travel destinations for 2018. Owing to its enchanting meadows, welcoming homes and spicy cuisine, it has beaten 19 other countries including Russia, China, India and Kyrgyzstan. If you’re a local or a foreigner, who wants to embrace the country in its full bloom or someone who wants to beat heat, then read on for a list of Pakistan’s breezy fairylands that emulate paradise on earth!

Swāt, a valley in KP, is famous for its embalming, natural beauty. Queen Elizabeth II dubbed it as “the Switzerland of the East” when she visited in the 1960’s. Being the centre of Gandhara civilization, it features historical ruins and remnants of early Buddhist thought


Neelam, a bow-shaped valley covered with majestic pines, fir and deodar, is situated in Muzaffarabad. Its waterfalls and springs embrace the magnificent Neelam River that traverses amidst sky kissing peaks.


Leepa, a valley in Kashmir, opens between May and November for tourism. It’s a picturesque hilly area that remains blanketed in pine trees. Its fields of rice, Kashmiri style wooden house along with apple, walnut and cherry trees present a spellbinding view for tourists in the summer.


Hunza charms tourists not just for its pink and orange meadows but also its heritage importance. Altit Fort, Attabad Lake and Kunjerab Pass combine with the Sacred Rocks of Hunza, Borith Glacier and Passu Glacier to create a adventurism spot. The soothing blue skies and crisp, wintry air cleanse the soul and help in reinventing the self.


Naran, surrounded by Kaghan valley, is a winter lover’s paradise. If you despise the greasy afternoons accompany summer, then Naran’s breezy mountains will be your bestfriends. With crisp air and cool rain drops, the small village is counted among the most welcoming spots for tourism globally


Nanga Parbat
Nanga Parbat, rightly dubbed as Fairy Meadows by German climbers, comprises enchanting grasslands in Gilgit-Baltistan. Its crystalline skies and sparkling alpine trees end at the seam of River Indus. You may also spot brown bears and rare musk deer strolling alongside striking glaciers.

Nathia Gali
With foggy summers and rainy monsoons, KP’s Nathia Gali has unparalleled charming beauty. More importantly, the region remains pleasantly cold throughout the year. Its rest houses and cottages, with colourful roofs that look like hats, are furnished with everything urban. Thereby, it makes guests feel perfectly at home but with sceneries from fairytales and myths.

nathia gali