Top Five Places you should visit with your Kids before the Summer Holidays End! Bucket List

Summer break is an amazing time to travel with friends and family to discover unknown lands and just have a good time! But the biggest struggle of planning a trip is perhaps the first brutal question that comes our way as soon as the topic spurs into motion:

“Where should we go?”

To finalize on a single option from the countless destinations is most definitely an unjust trial. However, to help you make the right choice, we at have done our research so that you don’t have to stress over anything!

We have jotted down five amazing places you should visit this summer and have highlighted exactly why we recommend them:


Apart from being one of the most peaceful countries in the world, Canada is an incredibly beautiful nation as well. The Niagra Falls, Stanley Park, and Quebec City are just some of the wonders you need to witness for yourselves when here.

These are some of the attraction Canada has to offer:

1)      The Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains

2)      The Toronto’s CN Tower

3)      The old Ski resort ‘Whistler’ located at a 2-hour drive from Vancouver.

4)      The Polar Bears of Churchill. YES, POLAR BEARS!

Canada is much appreciated for its cold climate and scenic attractions. The country is surrounded by beautiful mountains, hills, scenery, and snowy peaks. It is the perfect place to visit for a relaxing family holiday!


Families looking for a complete package deal should definitely consider Malaysia.

Here you can see modern-day city life blend with natural attractions and scenic beauty.

From sightseeing historic monuments, exploring ancient caves to viewing some of the most breathtaking scenic attractions, Malaysia has it all!

When in Malaysia you should definitely:

1)      Visit the beautiful Langkawi Island in the Andaman Sea

2)      Scrape the Iconic Petronas Towers

3)      Explore the Batu Caves

4)      Go on a wildlife safari in the Taman Negara rainforest

If your family is struggling between deciding on a beach vacation or shopping spree then Malaysia will be able to cater to both your needs. The country has some very happening cities and beautiful islands.


Tropical vacations are always a family favorite, and when you can enjoy them at never heard before rates then surely you’re motivated to make that booking even quicker!

Thailand has a lot of great things to offer; from the great city life in Bangkok that is flocked with all your favorite outlets on the Bintang Walk, to the luscious beaches of Phuket that have crystal waters flowing over the white beach sands. Some of the places you should definitely visit when in Thailand include:

1)      The Railway Beach

2)      The Grand Palace, Bangkok

3)      Khai Yai National Park

4)      The Floating Markets

Thailand has garnered a great name for itself in the tourism industry mainly because of its affordability and diversity. The country offers many great places to see and things to do, which is what makes it a suitable location for any happening family holiday or weekend getaway.


The United States of America is a popular place to visit by middle-eastern travelers despite the prejudice some of their nationals hold against us brown folks. Anyhow, if you are willing to rise above and look beyond the social divide to enjoy the attractions that this country has to offer then we suggest you add the following sites to your itinerary ASAP!

The United States has some of the most luscious scenic sites and iconic structures scattered within its borders. These are our top favorites:

1)      The Grand Canyon

2)      Statue of Liberty – (Capture that mandatory selfie when here)

3)      Yellowstone National Park

4)      Times Square, New York.

5)      The Golden Gate Bridge in California

We have some of the amazing places captured in movies and magazines which greatly add to their appeal. Visiting and experiencing them firsthand is an incredibly accomplishing feeling and we would recommend anyone to pursue it.

5-Sri Lanka

From national parks, small islands, amazing wildlife, to cultural diversity, Sri Lanka has everything a tourist could possibly want under its belt. It has some of the best wildlife parks and reserves along its landscape and incredibly serene and scenic sites all around.

When in Sri Lanka this is what you ought to capture and do:

1)      The Bentota tourist town – It has plenty of fun activities suited for tourists.

2)      Nuwara Eliya – Learn more about Sri Lanka’s unique tea here

3)      The ancient city of Anuradhapura

4)      Spend your day at the Yala National Park

There are innumerable places you can decide to spend your holiday at and all are worthy for their own reasons. The list mentioned above covers the countries that we believe have something unique to offer and would appeal to the masses. Keep on exploring till you find the right destination, but hurry up you don’t want to delay your trip any further!

Umana Khan is an A levels graduate, full time travel writer and blogger. Read her travelogues at She tweets as @UmanaFKhan (