Top Five Tactics Kids can use to convince their parents for a Holiday!!! Bucket List

Convincing parents to go on a holiday is no easy business when you’re a jobless, penniless little peasant stranded within the comfort of their parent’s home. We’ve all been through the struggle of whining and demanding our parents for things we desperately need or more precisely want. To help all you dependents out we’ve put together five amazing tactics that all you jobless folks can implement to get your parents to invest in a family holiday!

1-Stress Relief and Relaxation

The foremost reason people go on holidays is relaxation; to get away from the daily nig nag and breathe in fresh air without a mental calendar running through their heads. Highlight to your parents how much they deserve a holiday by pointing out how hard they work, emphasize on the point that they deserve it more than you (because frankly, they really do!).

Two things will happen because of this:

  1. Your parents will feel like you appreciate all that they do for you
  2. They’ll actually realize how hard they work and feel inclined towards going on a holiday.

More importantly, point out to them how important it is to rejuvenate and reenergize for life’s daily struggles – We all deserve a break once in a while!

2-To Achieve Perspective – All that you’ll get to Learn

Your parents will undoubtedly question you as to why you so desperately want to go on a holiday when your life (according to them) is already a never-ending vacation. Since they won’t understand how important it is for you to explore foreign lands while you’re a young and feisty adrenaline junky, state factually how crucial it is for teens to explore the world for better perspective of the global community. *Try to keep a straight face while you’re at it*

3-Recall to them the last time you went on a Holiday

Even though you can never plan your next holiday too soon, parents always seem to believe that they just went on vacation a few days ago even if you’re in your diapers in the photo albums! So you really have to emphasize how important it is they go on a holiday right now! Normally, families should schedule at least 1 relaxing holiday per year. If you haven’t gone for a while, then bonus points on pointing out how many vacations your parents already owe you.


Parents usually avoid a holiday because of the monetary expenses and the time it requires off from work. To convince them otherwise, show them that you too are willing to make half an effort. Tell them that you’ll do all that you can within your abilities to meet them half way. This may include taking up a part time job, working freelance, cutting down on expenses, babysitting, or saving up on pocket money. Show them that you’re willing to sacrifice for this holiday.

5-Do all the Budgeting Before Hand – Get Ready to Dodge all Predictable Questions

Work out all the expenses for your parents pre-hand so that they don’t overestimate or underestimate the expenses. Then work out your parent’s monthly budget around that cost and help cut it down any way you can. Be proactive! Basically if you really want to go on a holiday then instead of nagging your parents about it for months work out a plan yourself. Grab your laptop and plan an itinerary. Do your research about cheap flight tickets and hotel costs from online travel portals and calculate a tentative budget for your trip. Then design methods to earn or save up money for this trip. Yes, it may require a lot of struggle, debating and sacrifice, but just imagine how amazing it’ll feel to holiday in that dream location of yours!

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