Urban Cafe – the place to be! Kluchit Says

The much happening Urban Café is back in town and this time with a bang! After a wait of 4 months, the popular eatery has re-opened, this time with a better location and ambiance (not that we had any complaints with the old one). Kluchit, along with Cybus Digi hosted a food tasting for food bloggers and socialites where everyone had the chance to try a 4 course meal.

Talking about the much spacious café as a whole, the ambiance is just what one needs if looking for a place to relax with friends/family and good food. I for instance got flooded with euphoria as soon as I entered the first hall from the thick wooden door.  It gave a feeling of much openness with its high ceiling, from which hung Hollywood movie frames giving a filmy feel to it. With tones of orange, deep brown and a hint of white, the hall is perfect to sit with a larger gathering.

Moving to the second hall, with a totally different look, it had a bigger wow factor. Elegant is what would describe this dark hall best. However, the 3rd hall won my heart the most with its checkered floor and deep carved ceiling giving a very pub sort of feel to it. A counter serving cakes and fresh bread is what completes the look of this hall and that is fortunately where we got to sit.

Coming towards the food, starting from the first course, the hot and sour soup was served just as it should be. Hot, safe and perfect! The Mexican salad served right after was a party in the mouth after soup with its flavorful elements. Even though I knew I had a main course and dessert waiting to be eaten, yet couldn’t stop myself from scraping the plate till the end.

The main course, not one but two, were a feast to the eyes. Talking about the fettuccine pasta first, let’s just say, it needed nothing more or less to make it perfect. It just was. Even the quantity was enough to fill one up sufficiently.

The second entre, Chicken Chili Thai visually was quite pleasing however; the quantity of the rice was slightly less as compared to the chicken served with it. Still, the flavor was just right for me. A few were of the opinion that it was a little too spicy for them but c’mon, it has chili after all so I’ll give it to the café for this one.

Finally, the dessert, British sticky toffee pudding served with ice-cream is what could have been better. Where it should have been more goeey, it was spongy, giving it a cup cakey feel.  Although I would like to add that desserts of Urban Café are to die for and is my go to place for sweet tooth cravings.

Hats off to Rabia, the owner of Urban Café for single handedly managing the place as whole (more about her coming soon).  Her homely attitude is just the cherry on top for this cozy café which has a lot stored for its customers in the future!


Food Editor
Aimen Tofique