We raided “The Shack” and this is what happened… Featured Fav / Food

Little place, MASSIVE TASTE.

Since it was declared as one of the top food stalls at Lahore Eat 2016, we decided to check out what all the fuss was about from the heart of where it all began. Situated in a cozy corner of Defence U block, The Shack’s vibrant red and yellow signboard definitely stands out amongst the otherwise dull street.

Tucked in between a regular khoka and The Grill restaurant, our first impression of The Shack was that although it was comfortably small in size, the limited menu was definitely outside the bun! The menu concentrates on two of their signature “self-developed” sauces: the Chilly Con Carne and the Mushroom Sauce, both of which are a blend of unique flavors which left our taste buds feeling all tantalized. Speaking from experience, I’ve always been hesitant to try beef burgers from a new burger joint but the earnest way in which the attendant described their Atlantic City beef burger convinced me that it was worth a try. My decision was vindicated when our order was served around 10 minutes later, as the succulent beef coupled with the Chilly Con Carne really tasted amazing.

Next up we tried another beef burger on the menu, namely Seaside Heights. The moist patty, combined with The Shack’s tangy Mushroom Sauce, truly had a taste to be savored. Not only was it not at all messy to eat, but we were pleasantly surprised to find that this burger was on the lighter side. We highly recommend it to those who detest that overwhelming full feeling after a meal.

Following this we were served a box of Loaded Fries which were a generous helping for a mere Rs. 250. Topped lavishly with the Chilly Con Carne (Yes, we couldn’t get enough of it), crunchy iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise, it was a miracle those fries didn’t go soggy! As we bit into the blazing hot fries, we discovered that The Shack is not afraid to experiment with a fusion of flavors. Yes, we dived in and yes, there were no survivors.

From the chicken burgers we had the Avalon, which had crispy batter fried chicken. Upon arrival, it seemed like your regular old chicken burger, but we bit into it to discover a juicy piece of chicken with just the right balance of flavor that cleansed our palette. Of course, we weren’t going to leave without tasting the famous Chicken Tempura Taco, which was a big hit at Lahore Eat. Once again, the tender tempura chicken did not disappoint. However, we found that the sour cream lacked a ting of zest and it required a hint of spice to jazz it up.

Lastly, I would like to add that the kitchen was squeaky clean and we were satisfied to see the stove-top being sprayed with water before every use. Upon inspecting their fridge, I saw fresh produce as well as the fridge items being arranged to keep food safety as their top priority. That being said, The Shack is definitely an upcoming fast food restaurant which is going to take Lahore by storm. Not only are they introducing their Chipotle Sauce, which is bound to add a kick to their food, but they are also working on better buns. They are also planning on expanding, to bring their exclusive yet affordable meals out of Defence.

Contributed by: Team Kluchit.