We tried Buffalo Wings & Rings and this is what we think Kluchit Says

Overall ambiance of the place could be tagged as spacious and quite Sports Bar sort with wide variety sitting options. Let it be outside or inside, both are equally good. Once seated, we were handed with a brief menu, specially designed for the tasting session. It had a bit of everything, from starter to main to mocktails.

We ordered each of 3 starter and then we chose our mains. By the time food was served on table, we had a bit of every item on the menu as the table was shared with 4 other fellow bloggers. For starters, it was Spinach Artichoke Dip, Sloppy fries and Mini burger slider. To rate them in order of best to worst, Spinach Artichoke dip then Mini burger slider and then the Sloppy fries. Sloppy fries would have been perfect if they were served with cheese sauce rather than cheese melted on top of it. The Spinach Artichoke dip had the perfect creaminess and the flavor but the crispy bread triangles need to be more crispy rather soft and soggy.

For the mains, Original Gyro, Grilled Chicken Burger and Buffalo Ringer Burger was ordered. Later, as the brand is known for its chicken wings, we had to try them too. We ordered Boneless wings; Crazy sauce spice level Extra Hot and Lemon Pepper spice level Hot. For Gyro, it was a nice balanced mix of Beef and Lamb meat. Though Gyro is a very Greek and had further regional variations, but this was screaming a pure American variation. Not that strong in terms of flavor, very mild but yes a filling meal. Grilled Chicken Burger was a little disappointment. To start off with, rather a single large fillet, it was a fillet split burger. 2 long fillet, cut in middle and the chef had a holding pick piercing between the 2 fillet pieces. A little put off as it makes holding it together quite difficult. Grilled Chicken burger, meat was very dry and quite overcooked. The Buffalo Ringer Burger, beef patty burger, stood up to the expectations. It had the perfect balance of flavor and also the right juiciness. A strongly recommended as it can compete with leading beef burgers of Lahore. The boneless wings were a treat too. They can still have a different cut for this as it gets quite dry lump by the time it is served. The Lemon pepper sauce was far superior as it had a certain zingyness to it. The Crazy sauce, though right level of heat did not offered some flavor. The level heat for both was as expected.

Overall the experience was quite good. The value for money is there too, with a good open spacious sitting and true sports bar environment, the food matches Lahori taste pallet. We, at kluchit.com, heartily welcome them to our town and wish them to grow day by day.


Jehanzeb Khan Abdullah – The Bearded Chef