We tried the much hyped Peek Freans Cake Up and this is what we think Food

With the Cake Up hype and it being literally EVERYWHERE one can lay eyes on, we felt there must be something in this Peak Freans Product that is creating a frenzy. I actually saw a child and her father loading up their cart with ALL the flavors of this supposed cupcake and boy, it was one huge cart filled to the top.

So we decided to try each and every one of them and not just the famous double chocolate one.

So here is our verdict:


Milky Chocolate
It’s great if you don’t want to go overboard with the chocolate

Super fruity strawberry
Super super super popular with the kids

Sweet golden caramel
for us, the caramel did not really look like caramel. It was more dark goeey brown than the warm caramel color. This was the most popular with adults.

Double chocolate
OH MY GOD WE ARE IN LOVE WITH THIS. For 10 rupees, it is not just perfect but more than that.

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