Who managed to look worst of all at Hum Awards? The Red Carpet

Talking about fashion – majority of our celebrities failed to impress the audience. Though it was a star-stud event of Pakistani drama and film industry. It seems as if our celebrities have forgotten fashion sense. Red carpet looked more like disney land. Tch! our celebrities really need fashion classes…

Here is a list of few worst dressed celebrities straight from Hum Awards.

Sameena Peerzada

The most elegant actor and host couldn’t really impress us at the red carpet. As she was wearing a black outfit with a little detailing of silver and gold dupatta draped around her couldn’t really make her look outstanding. We expecting some graceful and trendy as well from her. 4.5/10

Hamza Ali Abassi 

This year Hamza again opted for eastern wear. We don’t have a problem with eastern wear at all but, he should have added something to his look because blue kurta and black pajama isn’t working at all with red carpet looks. 4/10

Armeena Rana Khan 

Well, Armeena did try to dress up to impress. Her look isn’t that bad but, she would have looked more pretty if she opted for a different colour other than orange. Although her dress is little simple. 6/10

Sajal Ali

Ok, Sajal. We weren’t expecting it from you at all. Her make-up and hair were outstanding but her gown wasn’t complimenting her look at all. The fitting wasn’t right. And oh, can we please stop it with the fairy ball gowns!

Sanam Jung

Morning show host, who never failed to look good every morning ended up disappointing us on the red carpet. The color scheme of her sari wasn’t the right choice for the awards. 4.5/10

Nadia Afghan

Ah! Pink sari with a black blouse. Seriously, what’s wrong with our celebrities colour scheme. Nadia’s sari wasn’t bad though but her blouse led her to worst dressed category. 4.5/10

Nudrat Iqhlaq

Nudrat Ikhlaq

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