Why is Momina Mustehsan’s mouth always open? Celebs

Going through photos of our national heart throb Momina Mustehsan, we came across some fan comments that were so bizarre yet, when we noticed, were absolutely correct.


Can you see it?

Can you now?
How about now?

Well if you still haven’t gotten the hang of it…fans noticed that Momina Mustehsan NEVER closes her mouth. It literally always stays open. It never closes. And we’re not kidding. Here’s more proof.

Look at her cheeky smile as she rides a helicopter.
Even Ronaldinho is affected by her.
Hotel lobby main itni khushi?
She’s way too happy man (MashAllah). It makes me sad.
Here, her mouth is open while having a manicure.

After this i believe Momina never closes her mouth. Okay this is total exaggeration; after all, this article has sarcasm hanging from the ends.

We you Momina! Keep rocking that beautiful smile of yours.

Kluchit Staff
Merub Ali