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Let’s face it, when we think about winter there are a few awesome things which pop into your mind. Nice cozy evenings snuggled in a blanky, your laptop in front of you whilst binge watching one of your favorite TV shows. But what’s a warm relaxing evening without pampering yourself with good food? Ah, the calories and the extra winter pounds. What is winter without them? Oh well, thank God to those huge hoodies, coats and sweaters that hide the extra layers of fat.

Some amazing winter foods for the chilly weather:

  1. Soup

You know you can never go wrong with soup. And the best part? There is sooo much to choose from. Chinese varieties, cream soups and tomato basil soups. It can be eaten as an appetizer before the main course, or even better, as the main course itself! Top a mushroom cream with some nice buttery garlic bread or bread sticks and voila, you have a main course.

  1. Chili con carne (Chili)

This dish has originated from Texas. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the perfect thing to satisfy your spice cravings. Chili is a spicy stew made from peppers, beans, tomatoes and meat. Fill up a bun with chili or just have it with tacos!

  1. Oranges

Why not refuel your vitamin C this winter? I’m sure you have packaged orange juice all year round, but the organic stuff? Just one season a year. So let’s get those oranges stocked up!

  1. Stuffed potato

The all-time favorite vegetable, the potato. Half cut a nicely big sized potato, scoop out the center and fill it with your favorite things; cheese, salsa, minced meat or anything you like. Put it in the oven and cook till it’s done. Perfect “comfort” food.

  1. Sweet potato

Let’s not ignore sweet potato from this list. Commonly found being sold by cart vendors in Pakistan, this delicious root vegetable can be devoured in a variety of ways.

  1. Chocolate

Last but not the least, chocolate! The ultimate dessert. Eat it in any form; cakes, hot cocoa or just a bar of your fav brand!

Contributed by: Jannat Imran.

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