Would you buy world’s most expensive shoes for 210 crores? What's Happening Now!

Dubai has a knack of going over the top with the most ridiculous things and this time it was shoes. Not so ridiculous. World’s most expensive pair of shoes worth 17 million US dollars have been launched in UAE. That is 210 crores in Pakistani rupees!!!

The shoes are made of real gold and a total of 236 diamonds. They also include a D-flawless 15-carat diamond on the toe of each shoe. Created by Jada Dubai in collaboration with Dubai’s Passion Jewelers, the luxury footwear will be displayed the Burj Arab. Clearly, the most expensive shoes deserve to be displayed  in the only 7 star hotel in the world.


The shoes on display at the launch is a prototype of 36 EU. However, after the sale it will be made for the custom sized for the owner of the Passion Diamond Shoes.

“Jada Dubai designs only shoes with diamonds. For the launch of our second collection, we wanted to create a piece that is truly unique in the world using very rare diamonds,”said Maria Majari, co-founder and creative director of Jada Dubai, who designed the shoes.

She further stated that there will be only one pair of The Passion Diamond Shoes in the world.

The stilettos will only be available for 50 VIP guests with sufficient spending power to see the revealing of the high-class high-heel billed as the world’s most expensive shoes.