You can now get a 3D printed statue of yourself from DOOB 3D in Lahore! What's Happening Now!

Who doesn’t love looking at photos of themselves. What started with huge black and white grainy cameras has now come to selfies with selfie sticks and drones. It seems done and dusted now so what comes next?

What if i told you that the game has been taken to the next level because DOOB 3d has introduced actual 3d images of  yourself!



DOOB 3D can produce a detailed, four-inch figurine of your body—, a 3-D selfie to be exact. Let that sink in.


 Making one of these figurines requires a massive pile of hardware and software: 54 DSLRs, 54 lenses, a complex 3-D modeling pipeline, and an $80,000 full-color 3-D printer, not to forget, a room-size scanning booth.


Thanks to Yasir Saeed and Awais Khan (C.E.O Doob 3D Pakistan), us Pakistanis have been blessed too.

Located 9 Arches, MM Alam Road, Doob 3d opened its doors to people on September 1. The launch was attended by social media bloggers and celebrities alike.

The size of the doob varies from 10cm to an actual life size model. A little on the expensive side but totally worth it, your doob can cost from 18000 to 81000 Pakistani rupees.

Price Chart:

10 cm: 18999 pkr
15cm: 26000 pkr
20cm: 34000 pkr

25cm: 42000
30cm: 71000
35cm: 81000