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Neelum is one of the most magnificent valleys of Azaad Kashmir, and it has several brooks, freshwater streams, forests, lush green mountains, and a river. Here, you see  the mountains; their white waters flowing over the roads and splashing against the rocks.

Neelum Valley has been administratively divided into two sub-districts: Athmuqam and Sharda. From Muzaffarabad, a road leads tourists to Sharda, to reach there a jeep is required, which can take you to the farther town of the region, Tau Butt.

The 90 miles long kingdom gets apart by the indigoblue Neelum river which flows  down hills to merge into the river Jhelum. This heart-warming spectacle is most soothing to the eye. The valley, starting from Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, is about 150 miles long. It lies on both sides of the river Neelum. Enhance the natural beauty of the Valley.

On both sides there are high mountains and peaks. Nearly all the forest wealth of Azad Kashmir is to be found in this part of the State. There are two approaches to the valley. One from the Kaghan Valley which is linked with it at two points.

Kundal Shahi

It is the entrance of Jagran. It is situated at a distance of 74 Kilometers from Muzaffarabad and about 5 kilometers from Authmaqum. In Authmaqum and Kundal Shahi almost all basic necessities are available in the local market.


Kundal Shahi leads to Kuttonat a distance of 6 kilometers.  At kutton about 8 kilometers from Kundal Shahi a hatchery for Trout fish is established by the fishery department.Tourism Department has provided accommodation facilities for the visitors here.


3 kilometers from Kundal Shahi across the river Neelum, one can enjoy lovely place Salkhala. A Trout hatchery has been established there. Guest houses are also available there.


More enchanting spots of life. Keran is another beauty spot on the river side with a neat and clean wooden flooring rest house. Stay is more comfortable there. The necessities are provided from the bazaar of Athmaqum.


This beautiful valley is 136 km from Muzaffarabad. It is renowned as the valley of knowledge and wisdom. Tourist attractive place and its natural beauty gives a soothing effect to the eyes. According to the locals, Sharda was wife of Brahma (hindu), In Hindu mythology, sharda is known as the goddess of Knowledge and wisdom.


A small valley, lies 19 km away from Sharda. This place leads to Gilgit agency. Sarawaali Glacier is the highest peak and biggest Glacier of Kashmir. A jeep, horses, ponies can be hired to travel to the interior neelum valley.

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