Yumna Ali T just entered the Twitter feud between Zaid Ali, Reham Khan and Maheen Taseer Celebs


Have you guys seen the most recent twitter feud that has been going on between the worlds most RANDOM people i.e Zaid Ali the famous Pakistani-Canadian comedian and Reham khan (we all know who she is)

So it started out as zaid ali sharing his “daily dua” on twitter.

Zaid said that “The only dua that he makes before going to sleep is that I never end up with an ex like Reham Khan.” To which  Reham Khan replied“My sincere dua is that you never have to live with a drug abuser & a cheat. I did & covered up until I found out he was cheating those who had voted him. Pakistan comes first.”

Although Reham khan ended up deleting the tweet because well maybe she realised that she went a little overboard Zaid Ali did not let the tweet go unnoticed. With anger boiling at the tip of his nose, he tweeted out something harsh “You claim that Imran Khan takes drugs.. but it seems ke un drugs ka asar ap pe ho raha hai.” YIKES!


Soon afterwards other people were quick to jump into the twitter feud the one and only Maheen Taseer the CEO of MGT clothing brand and wife of Shahbaz Taseer just quote tweeted Zaid and gave him some verbal beating!

She replied to his tweet by saying “So this guy started off as a really funny comedian. Slowly he’s becoming more of a preacher. Women shaming is not cool no matter who you are bashing. Be grateful for the wife you do have and stick to what people love you for. Your comedy.”

At this point you’re probably thinking that maybe after this, the twitter war has ended… but no. it didn’t. instead Yumna Ali jumped into the feud to make it a family affair. She was quick to defend her husband after he received backlash regarding his twitter war with Reham khan.

She tweeted out “Funny how strangers that don’t even know me think that they can tell my husband how to behave in our relationship. My husband is very grateful for me. He doesn’t need anyone telling him how to treat his wife. I don’t mind people having opinions about political matters but don’t involve me in your statements like I support it. My opinion is that as women, we fight for equality in every way. We shouldn’t expect different treatments when it comes to criticism too. If a man was publicly defaming his ex wife and someone called him out on it, I wouldn’t classify that as ‘man shaming’ it shouldn’t be done here too. People have the right to voice their opinions out in a respectful way- especially when you involve the public by writing a book about your personal matters.”

Damn girl! I totally agree with her statement and I definitely think that’ll put the feud to rest. But people still had a a lot ot say about the whole twitter war.

Some said “I really wish they would all just shut up” and “this is why pakistan became a shit country because no unity” while others appreciated yumna speaking out  “that last line though”

Lets sit back and relax and wait for anyone to clap back if they have anything else to add. Indeed this was a twitter war between the weirdest set of people.